Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've been sick since I got back from Austin. Feeling better today but some lingering effects, like the cough that won't die.

I ran into someone who saw me speak at iMedia. He was still sick from Austin. Then that night (last Thursday), I read about the number of people who had come back from Austin and gotten sick in the last few days, on the way home or shortly after returning.

Turns out that this has happened before and it has been nicknamed SXSARS. You can (google) look it up as the man says. All my symptoms have been consistent with the info on the postings. I'm not sick very much and I don't remember a time when a cold put me down for almost two weeks. I guess it is nice to know that I am not alone.

Hence the delay in this final post.

Most poignent moment: Emmylou Harris singing her new song about Gram Parsons called "The Road" to be released on a new album later this month. Emmylou, you brought tears to my eyes.

Two of the best new unkown (to me at least) finds: one of the first and one of the last: Bright Light, Bright Light, a solid techno rocker from from Wales with an early Peter Gabriel sound and Emily Elbert, a perky folkie/country/pop singer who rocks out really well.

Others that I will be looking forward to hearing again: Robert Earl Keen (early and often), Darden Smith, Josh Ritter, The Wronglers and Withered Hand. That said, there was NO bad music there. Just a lot of choices. The other thing I will do next time is much more homework on my schedule. The choices are overwhelming and while I did not parachute in (see Homeless CEO's post below), a more organized approach is needed. The app was great for this and I'll use it even more. Not that random at SXSW is a bad thing at all. There are acts like Emily Elbert and Withered Hand that I would have never found if not for Random. So a balance is good.

Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I'd heavy up on the vitamin regime and take a large amount of Purell with me though.

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