Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Band Snacking, Data and Web3

My friend V. Shah says that what we have in common is the ability to talk about Rock and Roll (he would say REM, specifically) and digital media metrics in the same conversation. V, you should have been in Austin yesterday.
The day started out slow, after my workout and email, etc. got over the the SXSW Interactive Trade Show mid day. Hooked up with Greg Kidd of 3TAPS. I'm doing some advisory work for them. They are taking the stream from a lot of eCommerce and other "exchanges" and providing them in a more organized manner. One of the things they are doing is rolling up similar sources to provide a single goto source for getting information on things like jobs, real estate, etc. In the meantime, they have successfully harnessed the Craigslist stream with craiggers, where you can search all info within Craig's List. Quite slick.
One of the things I was talking with Greg Kidd was the looming copyright issue with real time data. Ever think about who owns the information that you tweet? Twitter says they do. Even if it is your idea. And strangely, if it is retweeted or forwarded to Quora or Facebook, they apparently say that Quora or Facebook do not have the rights, that Twitter maintains the copyright. This is a looming battle over public domain vs. copyright.
The trade show had a lot of previews of groups that are playing around town. Posted some pics on my Facebook page, but saw parts of sets from Star and Micey at the Memphis booth, Henry the Invisible, Threads of Scarlett at the Barbados booth, and a rockin' group called Far West in one of the bars walking back. Today starts the full on music in most every bar and venue in town.
Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn talked about data. He opined that Web3 is going to be built on the data we have gotten from all of the Web 2.0 apps. And that we should not let the government get between us and data as government is not naturally aligned with business and business goals. Two of his aphorisms were "never ambush your users" and "not all data is equal". I will post later about his 10 tips for those who want to innovate.
Out into the day to find some music.

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